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I have a leisurely lie in following a very hectic and stressful week in which I’ve sadly been alerted to the appearance of an online Blog which seems to have been set up purely to attempt to mimic my own frequent (and much acclaimed) online chronicling. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery; but I have to say that I find this online impostor and his poor attempt to associate himself with Cueball’s widely read and well respected Blog far from funny. It’s brazen too as it seems clear that this copycat Blog is deliberately written to thoroughly bore the reader, and that the clearly fictitious ‘Rob’ character behind it is obviously attempting to create some sort of poorly constructed Cueball alter ego in an attempt to make out that a much loved and respected political chronicler like myself does very little indeed for the handsome…

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Social Media Fatigue

I have often wondered about social media fatigue, maybe it’s because I have noticed over the last decade that there comes a time in the year; not necessarily regularly, that I just get tired of social media. Zuckerbergs baby as I call it is the one that is gripping my shit at the moment. It maybe that they have changed the algorithms that show you stuff you see on a regular basis to that end that you never see anything fresh! Is it just the fact that it just churns out the same timeline every day when you login to your page. Dorseys baby seems to be following a similar algorithm, however at least you can go off and find stuff more easily and then follow the twitterati that are posting. I have always loved twitter for it’s ability to break news, is it therefore a disruptor still?

I see information on my timeline that is posted minutes and sometimes hours ahead of the major news services such as Reuters, CNN, Foxnews. It could of course just be a geographical advantage whereby Europe is ahead of the game still when it comes to news stories and the USA has to play catch up despite there being staffers over here in the EU. Most news agencies have an office in a capital city in the EU countries and also around the world.

Getting back to the fatigue, is it solely because we are overwhelmed in information supplied to us by smartphone, tablet and computer that the brain just really cannot be arsed to deal with some of this stuff all the of the time,? How relevant is the curating system and algorithms in these systems ? We have seen the fallout from some of the apps with the closure of Cambridge Analytica even though the company claimed a witch hunt by Channel 4 News. I don’t personally agree with the way that they were collecting data to profile voters for any election, it smacks of subliminal advertising from the cinemas in the 50’s and the UK banned it.

There is now a bleed over of advertising from Facebook into its new toddler Instagram which it bought in 2012, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun, six years ago as I write this piece. I would love an algorithm that lets me automatically ban advertising from my timeline in Instagram, now before the advertisers get hot under the collar, let me explain the reasons; 1) its very annoying, 2 ) see one 3) see one! An advert autoban would be nice, is it the future ? Will you have to pay for it? frills free, advert free social media? After all if I really want to look up something why not use a search engine? Are we becoming that lazy that we just want to link click and then get frustrated, raise blood pressure because the link doesn’t take us to the right page straight away. I am currently trying out a different social media platform called Vero . One of the joys of the platform is it has a usage chart, it shows how much time you spend in the app. This seems to have been caught on by Apple and Google on the back of the outcry over people permanently glued to their smartphones.


I just put this picture in to see if you were awake still, I try not to write stuff that will send you to sleep!!
So in conclusion I pose the question is social media by directing what you see in your timeline manipulating your worldview either directly or indirectly? And will the incurious therefore be directed down an alley of no return?

Off to a footie match

off to The Bowl in Douglas for Peel AFC  v Corinthians in the Warehouse Fitness  Womans FA Cup final. Peels second cup final this year, hoping they bring the silver home today.

Looks like the weather is improving for it too, very cold and wet this morning, still a gloves day 🙂